Season 1 | Episode 15 | The economy and agriculture financing

The South African economy was already in trouble before the worldwide pandemic struck, and the situation didn’t improve much from there. Luckily much of the agricultural sector could continue with its activities throughout lockdown - except for wine and tobacco producers. According to the second quarter GDP figures, nearly all industries experienced a massive drop in output. Agriculture was the only industry that seemed relatively unaffected. Agriculture expanded by 15,1% from April to June 2020. To put things into perspective, Tony Ndoro talks to Dr Roelof Botha, Economic Advisor: Optimum Investment Group about the local economy, and the opportunities that exist in the agricultural sector. Then Tony chats with Praveen Dwarika, Managing Director: Lemang Agricultural Services about some of the challenges farmers face in getting the right finance. The team from John Deere Financial is in studio to illustrate some of the benefits of financing and tell us more about the SMART campaign. Tech Terrain is powered by John Deere, in collaboration with Farmer’s Weekly and Brand Republic.

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