Season 1 | Episode 8 | The importance of research in agriculture

Since the start of the agricultural evolution, the sector has been defined by research and innovation to increase productivity to meet the food demand of the world. More recently research and innovation include technology development that is adopted throughout the value chain, comprehensive and inclusive digital solutions, and very importantly ethical and safe practices – both for industry role players, consumers and the environment. In this week’s episode of Tech Terrain Tony Ndoro talks to two distinguished academics on the value of research for the sector. Matome Ramokgopa, Managing Director: Enza Zaden South Africa discusses the application of agricultural research on the African continent. You can also look forward to a discussion with Admire Mutsvario, Business Operations Analyst: John Deere Sub-Saharan Africa (JD SSA) and Hein Snyman, Territory Sales Manager: JD SSA on the 6M tractor, that is all about choice.

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