John Deere Africa | Tech Terrain 2 | Episode 1

We have been waiting for this day. The brand new season of Tech Terrain premiers now. Join this week's expert guests Wandile Sihlobo, Chief Economist at Agbiz, Thomas Strydom, Managing Director at Sion Agri, and Dr Michael Bradfield, CEO at LRF & Wagyu as they discuss how technology boosts productivity for farmers, the latest farming trends, how partnerships make real advancement possible, and why farmers should consider integrating crop and livestock farming. Jaco Beyers and Hentie Breedt from John Deere further unpack how technology increases profit and builds sustainability for our farmers. "We ensure that we can support farmers with the right piece of equipment for their operation. There are different components to farming, with no one-size-fits-all solution, and we are fortunate that we are able to provide tailor-made solutions to support optimum efficiency." - Jaco Beyers Visit to learn more. #JohnDeereAfrica #BelieveInGreater #TechTerrain

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