Season 1 | Episode 14 | The good that farmers do

South African farmers are often reliant on the communities in which they operate as a source of labour, and their fate is intertwined with these communities. That is why they are often at the forefront of driving big social development programmes, as well as providing many basic necessities for their workers like housing, water, electricity, medical- and childcare. Farmers’ commitment to their communities was also highlighted during the lockdown period with massive donations of food to vulnerable households. Farmers and commodity organisations are also at the forefront with knowledge transfer and training programmes to assist developing farmers. In this week’s episode of Tech Terrain Tony Ndoro talks to Aron Kole from Farmsol, as well as Jacques Basson from #7 Media, about some of development initiatives in the agri sector. We are then joined by Omri van Zyl from Agri SA to highlight some of the recent projects undertaken to support communities in need. Then Jean Elloh, Sales Manager, West & North Africa: John Deere AME and Freddie Rupping, Production System Specialist: John Deere AME are back in the studio to unpack the fantastic technology in the all new 7R tractor. Tech Terrain is powered by John Deere, in collaboration with Farmer’s Weekly and Brand Republic.

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