Season 1 | Episode 6 | Farming optimally, getting the most out of our land

Do not miss the discussion on the new “Data Intensive Farm Management” study. Tony Ndoro talks to Dr Dirk Strydom, Manager, Grain Economics and Marketing at Grain SA; Prof Ferdi Meyer, Managing Director of BFAP; and Maluta Netshaulu, Senior Manager, Agriculture at Nedbank. Irrespective of the technology at your disposal, all farmers stand to benefit greatly to move their business towards optimal production. We discuss the importance of understanding your land and the resources at your disposal, and how to use it to your benefit. Equally important is a thorough understanding of your market and exploiting the opportunities in the value chain. The Covid-19 pandemic has also changed the landscape significantly, and we have a look at how it impacted the informal traders. Jean Elloh, Sales Manager, West Africa: John Deere Sub-Saharan Africa (JD SSA); Jaco Beyers, Sales Director: JD SSA; and Janalize van Buuren, Sales Manager, East and Central Africa: JD SSA discusses the most popular tractor on the African continent – the 5E, as well as their planter technology.

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